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Lessons Learned 2012

05 Jan 2013

Writing something with as few words as possible is difficult.

You need to extract the essence from your thoughts and cut through all the clutter.

I think the author from this post mortem post did a pretty good job.

Since there’s always an opportunity to do things better, regardless whether your business failed or not, here’s my list of lessons learned from 2012.

  • make more phone interviews with customers
  • always stay objectiv and diplomatic in emails, they are around forever
  • do A/B tests, no excuses
  • start with No for new features
  • focus on customer requirements that won’t change
  • use actionable metrics instead of vanity metrics
  • aim for a code test coverage of at least 90%
  • charge rather too much then to less, reducing the price is easier than increasing it
  • do the bookkeeping regularly once a month instead of waiting until the end of the year
  • don’t check business mails from the smartphone (I answer them anyway on the laptop only)
  • spend less time on Hacker News
  • publish more blog posts!

That’s it. What are your lessons learned?

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